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Inductotherm Coating Equipment

Manufacturing induction heating equipment for the steel industry

Inductotherm Coating Equipment, SA, headquartered in Herstal, Belgium, is a worldwide leader in induction technology.  We are one of the 40 companies of Inductotherm Group, the world’s best-known name in induction melting and thermal processing.  Previously known at ACEC and Elphiac, we have been manufacturing induction heating and melting equipment for more than 80 years.

Our focus is the steel industry. We design and manufacture a broad line of advanced technology equipment, including coating and pre-melting pots for hot dip galvanizing lines and strip heaters for drying, curing, galvannealing, reflowing and heat treatment applications. Beyond that, we design and supply equipment for the manufacture of ferrous and non-ferrous tubes and pipes, rolls for cold rolling mills along with equipment for the melting of glass and the heating of bars, billets and blooms. We are recognized throughout the industry for innovation, including the design of the Statiron transistorized high frequency inverter.



Inductotherm Coating Equipment

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